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The Eliminator and Mud Dollop Wallop

Nineteen runners toed the line for the Eliminator race on Friday evening in Saline.  Each lap on the track the runner who finished last was eliminated from the race.  Some runners were trying to win as many laps as possible while others just sat and kicked so they wouldn’t finish last.  Rest time was only 90 seconds from when the winner crossed the line.  Jalen Weaver had one of the fastest laps at he ran a 57.6 for lap number seven.  He might have pushed a little too hard as he was out of the competition after lap nine.  RCRC newcomer Derek Gielarowski had a good night as he won lap number two and made it through eleven laps.  Matt Lutzke was the next guy out on lap number twelve.  Tom Windle had the best showing of the group as he completed fifteen laps and won lap number four.  Lap times for the group on average went from 65-71 seconds with a few faster and not many slower.  Andrew Mangiapane raced at the Mud Dollop Wallop in Adrian and ended up finishing in first place.  His time of 26:22 was over 30 seconds faster than the 2nd place finisher.  The race distance was somewhere around four miles and was through a bit of mud!  Congratulations to all runners in both events!

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