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Established in July, RCRC has already made huge strides in training and racing.  Highlights included the team winning the Lake Lansing team marathon in August and then winning the Detroit Free Press team marathon relay in October.  RCRC’s  Alex Pollack won five road races from August to November and all thirteen RCRC members competed in cross country races or on the road.


In July, Andrew Benkovsky was RCRC’s first event winner at Ele’s race using his strong finishing kick in the last 200 meters.  Kristin Kotarba had her first race at a trail relay at the end of the month in Grand Rapids.  In August, Donna Benkovsky and Mitch Lutzke made their racing debut  (after many years not competing) at the BWL 5km road race. 


September was a busy racing month as Matt Lutzke won the Olivet College 5k cross country opener race on September 1.  Two weeks later, Greg Lutzke won the Charlotte Nspired 5k road race, just beating Matt out for the top prize.  While the Lutzke’s were racing in Charlotte, Tom Windle, Andrew Mangiapane and Alex Pollack raced a cross country meet at Calvin.  The following week, Andrew Benkovsky, WIndle and Mangiapane finished first through third place at a half marathon in Marshall that they used as a training run. 


October’s highlight was the Detroit Free Press relay marathon with the team winning by a huge margin and Tom Windle getting his picture in the paper.  In November, the Turkey Trot 5km in Lansing was a huge race for RCRC as many runners ran season best times, while Ashley Hamilton and Dom Reed made their RCRC racing debuts.  On Black Friday, Alex Pollack and Tom Windle ran the Howell Fantasy of Lights 5km road race. 


Only Pollack continued to race into December as other team members took some needed time off.  Some members will be looking to race indoor competitions in early 2016, while other team members will be training for future races and fitness.  Regardless of one’s level of fitness, we are always searching for those individuals that want to get in shape and those runners who want to race and become more competitive.  Whatever your fitness goals, there is always a place for everyone to be a part of the RCRC community.  Thank you for your support in 2015!

RCRC July - December 2015

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