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Red Cedar Running Competes in 3 Races

      Red Cedar Running was in full swing this weekend while partaking in 3 different races. Donna Benkovsky (Top, Middle) and Mitch Lutzke (Top, Right) competed in the BWL 5K in Lansing on Saturday. Mitch ran 26:38 and was 4th in his age group while Donna ran 32:41 and was 3rd in her age group. Kristin Kotarba (Top, Left) competed in the Fred 200 Mile Running Relay on Friday and Saturday. She ran the 7, 6, and 4.5 mile legs for her team. Last but not least, Red Cedar Elite Team, comprised of Andrew Benkovsky, Matt Lutzke, Greg Lutzke, Andrew Mangiapane, and Tom Windle, ran the Lake Lansing Team Marathon Relay in a 1st place time of 2:21:21. They won by over 12 minutes and each received a pair of free Saucony running shoes complimentary of Playmakers. 


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